songtexte 3
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clearance-sale kriisaliad
clouds hang really threatening above miar singen fu dr kriisa
amidst the blight a pale infected dove und hend a schtaili friisa
under its ragged and corroded wings miar krüzen küa und schwii im schtall
millions of producers buying, selling things und warten uf da grossi knall
they don't ask you if you refuse or approve  
corrupt grabbing hand protected by government im summer gfrüürt dr see
overbearing arrogant self-crowned kings im winter gits kai schnee
their promised progress of mankind sinks dr räga suur dr wald zur sau
clearance-sale - soul sold out im bett bruuchsch ietz a plastikfrau
clearance-sale - buy and shout  
clearance-sale - trash for food miar suufen und miar rauchen
clearance-sale - evil for good miar flüügen und miar tauchen
blowing in the wind, riders on the storm miar schefflen kölla wia sichs ghöört
this genetic change into a deadly norm ma sait miar segen gschtöört
stinks to high heaven, pollutes the deepest sea  
clearance-sale - soul sold out drum singen mer fur kriisa
clearance-sale - buy and shout und lönd üs gäära bschiissa
clearance-sale - make your choice miar klonen üüs ietz sälber
clearance-sale - pay the price gen, au! wia schaf und kälber

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