songtexte 6
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downhill rider crosscheck
downhill rider crazy man battlefield is shiny fighters fast and tough
down down down as fast as you can you cannot walk you're sliding wind blows cold and rough
snow and ice whizzing 'round your head trouble is a black one slick and small and gone
a tickle too late will drive you mad before you reach to touch a quicker one is on
downhill rider crazy guy a noisy crowd is wailing: we wanna see some blood!
faster faster faster with every try red blisters on a white field: mood is heating up
spinning brain and breaking bones stick is in your hands game is now for real
on a one fifty-three point sixty-nine run trouble is in motion scorers get the deal
downhill rider crazy boy  
down down down on your skinny little toy high sticking, slashing, crosscheck:
prick on ice and balls in heat too much for your bones
taste of death on a white linnen sheet spearing, boarding, kneeing:
downhill rider crazy fool every victim moans
faster faster faster slick, tacky and cool hooking, tripping, charging:
get your ego goin' your body in gear too much for your mind
you win you lose - you'll be in fear you want big trouble come on - come on come on you'll find!

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