songtexte 7
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moondaynight frozen fright
swimming in a raindrop i want a dusty desert - sun refuses to shine frozen fright paralizes water
burning in a sunbeam i want a green oasis - rain refuses to fall turning tide spitting out laughter
shaking on a hailstone i want a final resting place - snow refuses to cover inbetween sighs smell of steamy slaughter
floating on a snowflake i want the big meltdown - hail refuses to rattle pale moon gleams over human torture
riding on a moonbeam rocking in a fancy town - it's moondaynight  
dreaming in the moonshine rolling into nightmares - it's moondaynight frozen fright hypnotizes fire
immersing into feelings it's the great spirit - dullness rules ghostly light rising from the mire
exitement over calmness it's the burning fire - apathy rules crawling spite everlasting dire
breaking into pieces there it is diversity - boredom rules sun burns bright over all desire
crashing into mirrors it's my alter alien - unimaginativeness rules  
only the moon staring down with a grin frozen fright
telling you: roll through the nights and you'll win only might
and still the moon in the sky with a smile for a right
laughing at you while you creep and crawl blind kind of bite
sun and rain, snow and hail - don't look for or you will fail in the fight
sun and rain, snow and hail - moonshine leads you on your trail with a night
moondaynight - shine on bright full of tight
shine on bright - moondaynight - all right! frozen fright

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