songtexte 8
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do you wanna hear or do you listen to? turn on the tv-screen turn on the lies
do you wanna turn a deaf ear on you? turn on the radio turn on the cries
can't you hear or won't you listen to do you wanna choose or do you expect?
all the smooth-tongued lies they tell you do you wanna lose your own defects?
do you wanna look or do you see through? you can choose and you can connect
do you wanna turn a blind eye on you? with a little little bit of respect
can't you look or won't you see through do you wanna walk or do you stand still?
all the spurious walls they build around you do you wanna live your own will?
turn on the radio turn on the news you can walk and you can keep your skill
turn on the tv-screen turn on the blues if you refuse to kill
do you wanna sniff or do you smell it? turn on the radio
do you wanna trust in that bullshit? daily news of blood and cries
can't you sniff or won't you smell it turn on the tv-screen
in the air and in your nose they deal with daily news of war and screams
do you wanna touch or do you taste it? square ears
do you wanna feel a little little bit? square eyes
can't you touch or won't you taste it square minds
in the athmosphere they soil it square lies

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